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I’ll love Jesus Christ forevermore
I’ll love Jesus Christ forevermore
Even when life storms and tempests strike my life so frequently
I’ll still love Jesus forevermore
Yes Abba, Father, here I am, Your redeemed child,
Sanctify my whole life through
Yes Abba, Father, here I am, Your redeemed child,
Use me as You think it proper to Your plans.


I am sure the song above is quite familiar to us and we often sing it. The song is an expression of our longing to love Jesus Christ our Lord.

As redeemed children of the Lord Jesus, we certainly are very grateful in our present state. Hence we should love the Lord deeply, for if we are not redeemed by Him, we definitely would be sent to hell hereafter. But, through Christ Jesus as the atoning sacrifice for our sins, not only are we saved and would not be sent to hell, we would enter into heaven and be accepted as God’s children instead.


When we observe closely, we can see people trying to express their love to God or to the Lord Jesus. Some people hang plaques in their houses on which we can read themes of loving the Lord, for example “I Love You, My Lord”. Some others put stickers written on them “I Love You, Jesus” at the back of their cars, or wear T-shirts where people can read similar phrases or captions.

There are people who express their love to God by kissing statues of the crucified Lord Jesus, or statues of the Baby Jesus, or paintings of Him. Some express it by lighting candles in front of the statues of the Lord. At Easter some communities even express it in quite an extreme way, by trying to feel the sufferings of the Lord Jesus at His crucifixion, so they attempt to carry a cross. Even by more extreme ways and not just pro forma they want to experience the agonies the Lord Jesus had experienced. They actually wear a crown of thorns, carry a heavy cross, then some also nail their hands and feet, all in all just in the attempt to express their love to Jesus as Lord, or their love to God.

There are also some who express their love to God by kissing the Bible, believing what is written in the Gospel of John that the Lord Jesus is the incarnate Word whilst the Bible is the Word of God. So as a manifestation of their love to the Lord Jesus, and/or to the LORD God they kiss the Bible. Then others show it by praising, worshipping, and glorifying God’s name, and some others by attending church or the worship service as frequent as possible, almost every day in various churches. Some of the congregation become church activists, ushers, choir members, singers, musicians, sound system operators, clerks and many more, while quite a few work out a very occupied schedules every day in church ministries.

Now truthfully, how can we love God?